"Alia's classes are low key, low pressure, high fun, and high in inspiration. She's nothing like any other teacher you'll ever experience."
 Amity Alize, Raq-On.Net

“I have only taken two classes, but what I love most about them is that I leave feeling confident and beautiful!  This kind of dance makes me appreciate my body and I love how you encourage that.  American culture has really done a number on women and how we portray ourselves, it feels wonderful to leave your class feeling good about myself and of course sexy!  The energy in your class and in this form of dancing is at the very least, amazing.  I think that every woman should give middle eastern dance a try!  I wish I had discovered you years ago!  I will definitely continue taking classes with you.”
N. B.

"Empowering, enriching, passionate, exciting, exhilarating, fun, exotic, and inspirational"

“Authentic. Not necessarily traditional dancing in one style or another, but dance instruction that requires the student to be her authentic self, to reach within to both her physical and mystical core self and dance from there first. Everything else -- all the precision of movement, the details of technique, the practice itself, is grounded there and flows outward from there.”

“I totally recommend her. She really communicates how to feel the music and express it, not just dance to it.”


“Intense... Emotional. A beautiful dancer.”
Elena Lentini

Simon Shaheen

“Soulful veil work.”
Suzannah DelVecchio

“Such a beautiful dancer and artist and woman!!!”

“One of the best dancers on the east coast.”
Joe Williams, Delsartean Life

“I speak for all four of us organizers when I say how much we appreciated your performance. You were an embodiment of passion in your dance. In watching your performance I felt such a sense of the mystery and drama that this dance holds.  And then afterward, you voluntarily wiped down the tables to  boot!  Such a goddess.”
Lisa Tieman, Sacred Source Dance

“Thank you so much for giving a great performance last night. From the minute you swooshed out of the doors, we were all mezmerized. I'm so glad everyone felt like dancing.  I got several emails and phone calls today thanking me for a great party and complimenting the belly dancer! Thank you again. You were truly fabulous and I can say that belly dancing is much harder than you make it look.”

“Well, what Alia did for me and everyone in attendance was not a good job but an AWESOME job. She not only is a wonderful and caring person but an incredible vivacious teacher/performer. Everyone that took her 2 day workshops was very happy and pleased.At the evening performance Alia was nothing short of stupendous. I called her (please excuse the wording) an incredible "Kick A**" dancer. She totally blew my mind. (and in my career I have seen over 1,000 belly dancers perform since I was 18). We had planned an impromptu mini duet at the end of her show and when she came over to the table -I told her I couldn't do it because her energy level just drained me while watching her. She did get me to do a 2nd Turkish drop which at my age should be a "no no". Needless to say Alia got a standing "O" which does not happen too often in New England for some reason. Again, hats off to Alia - Azziza Productions's "Diamond in the Rough".”
Kasim, Azziza Productions

Jewled Splendor

“My family and I thought your show was terrific; my daughter is hooked. you looked utterly gorgeous. you rocked the casbah!  a fabulous evening - what a way to get out of the cold. i just loved all your outfits! the snakeskin trousers! the red scarf dance! the gold solo! the lovely robe you came out in for Q&A! the sexy black dance belt! and the troupe! the goth-punk dance! the duet in shimmery blue!  the swords! the hookah! the nightclub! the harem! it was a world of warmth and delight.  thanks for an evening of beauty and splendor!
Trina Hikel

“Many congratulations on The Show. Awesome! Fun, exciting,surprising, and.... beautiful.”
Margaret Michniewicz

“Saw your troupe's performance last night at the Flynn Space and wanted to tell you how wonderful it was, but couldn't stay for the dance party to tell you in person. Everyone in your group is so talented. It was exciting to see the range of music and dance moves performed. And it was a standing room only crowd! Congratulations on a super show! How supportive the whole grant experience must have been for you. Reading the creation/rehearsal "diary" on the Flynn Space web site made it even more interesting. You're continued success is an inspiration. Thanks!”
Barbara Ekedahl

“Chris used the following words when asked about your performances : mesmerizing, electric, and stunning.  He said it was like seeing the body's potential for movement for the first time, and that if I thought he was exaggerating, all I had to do was look at the kids watching, at the way their hips and limbs would sway very slightly, subtly, in ways that were clearly involuntary and unprecedented.”
E.K. Narey


“Thank you for a most wonderful workshop!  The teaching of Elena was incomparable, the show was mind-boggling (my husband thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very impressive as well), the
accommodations were excellent and the organization was superb.  I know you probably are aware of every single glitch but I wasn't and I thought it all was fantastic--far beyond any expectations I may have had!  I was at one workshop here in Boston 2 weeks before and although I enjoyed it I thought the workshop in Vermont was far superior!  I am glad that I was able to get two more friends from my dance class to come to the workshop.  It certainly was wonderful in just every possible way! Thank you so much again for your hard work in organizing the workshop and show.  It was marvelous!”
What people say about Alia