My goal here is to promote people and places I especially like, or with whom I have had positive personal experiences. Most of these sites have links of their own, which will take you on ever-widening journeys. Enjoy the trip.

Dance           Music         Friends

Dance &Music Listserves

Med-dance: Great resource! Send email to amajordomo@world.std.com
with subscribe med-dance in the body of the message.

BellydanceMA: For the New England area. Subscriber info here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bellydancema/

Arab Music Retreat Listserve http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arabmusicretreat/

Primarily Dance:

All Around Remarkable Resources:

Aziza Said: http://www.zilltech.com
Bhuz http://www.bhuz.com
Morocco: http://www.casbahdance.org
Shira: http://www.shira.net

Great Events Sites
Amy Smith (NE area): Belly Dance New England

Vermont Delightful Dancers

Other Delightful Dancers
Amity Alize raq-on.net

Azsmara http://www.aszmara.com
Anahid Sofian  www.anahidsofianstudio.co
Desert Moon Dancers desertmoondancers.i8.co
Dina Elena Shanti  geocities.com/dina_elena_shanti/index.htm
Dorit doritworld.com
Dunya http://dancemeditatation.org
Elena Lentini  elenalentini.com
Helena Melone
Jajouka   http://www.bellydanceny.com/p_jajouka.htm
Phaedra (of Boston) http://www.Ephaedra.com
Ranya http://www.ranya.net
Rose Champagne (rest in peace, beautiful one!) http://community-2.webtv.net/Ghaziya
Roula Said   http://www.torontobellydancecollective.com/
Sah’ra Saeeda   http://www.sahrasaeeda.com
Sarah Skinner http://www.bellydancer.info
Sacred Source  http://www.sacredsourcebellydance.com
Suzanna Del Vecchio   http://www.h2net.net/p/dancersuz
Z-Helene & Rick Fink   http://www.zhelene.com

Primarily Music and Musicians:

All Around Remarkable Resources:

Johnny Farraj maqamworld.com
Sami Asmar turath.org

For Nay players
Maged Mikhail’s Nay page  http://home.att.net/~maged.k.mikhail/

Alia’s D Nay Fingering Chart (Adobe .pdf file)  Nay Char

Vermont Marvelous Musicians
35th Parallel 35thparallel.com
Todd Roach, drummer loftarts@yahoo.com

Other Marvelous Musicians
Jerry Bezdikian, brilliant Kanun player, graphic designer, and photographic artist  stellarindigo.com
Mohamed Najem of Palestine mohamed-star.tk

Simon Shaheen  simon-shaheen.com
Scott Wilson mellow111@aol.com

My Fine Feathered Friends

Catamount Arts, Local partner and arts org catamountarts.org

First Impulse Theatre & fabulous actor William York Hyde  firstimpulse.org
Jerry Bezdikian, brilliant graphic designer, photographic artist, & musician stellarindigo.com
Darius (my brother--cool guy, great videographer for dance or performance and awesome computer adept) sprout.com
Stewart Hoyt, dancer
Lassie Rathbone, excellent Physical Therapist  lassierathbone-pt.net


Alia Thabit