Alia Thabit
L-R:  Alia Thabit, Erin Narey, Treza Giventer, Rose Murphy, Surida, Victoria Kelly, Stewart Hoyt.
A  FlynnCenter NASA Space grant made  creation of this show possible. Thank you!
This glittering array of ensemble pieces,
duets, and solos soars from gilded folklore to flamboyant fantasy,
Bedouin to belly dance, snappy precision to full-company improvisation.
A joyous celebration of Oriental dance. Family entertainment. Suitable for all ages.
Jeweled Splendor

A full evening of entertainment, a wild assortment of ensemble, duet, and solo  pieces. This flight of ensemble creation soars from gilded folklore to flamboyant fantasy, from Bedouin to belly dance, from snappy precision to full-company improvisation, a joyous celebration of Oriental dance.

For you, we weave a magic carpet, each of us contributing strands of many colors to design a secret pattern, strong enough to carry you from a cold and northern city to the ancient perfumed gardens of the East.

Mini-lessons, open dancing, and an informal Q&A with the artists follows the show.

Check out the Flynn posting for our show. Follow our creation process.
Company Bios

Victoria Kelly:
Victoria started dancing in 1998 and in 2000 she joined the Masouda Dance Ensemble. In 2003, she began classes with Martine Werotte, her current teacher. She has taken workshops with Elena Lentini, Raqia Hassan, Magdy el Leisy, Khadija Jabiry, Jillina, Ava Fleming, Fahtiem, Jamilla el Wahid, etc. At the Ahlan Wah Sahlan Dance Festival in Cairo, Egypt, Victoria studied with Yousry Sharif, Mahmoud Reda, Mervat Mongy, Khaled Moustafa, Dr. Mo Geddawi, and Farida Fahmy, among others.

Treza Giventer
Treza started dancing in 1997 – She has studied and performed throughout New England, and
Montreal, Que.  She has taken workshops with renowned teachers from around the world including Delilah from Seattle, WA, Suzanna Del Vecchio from CO, JIllina from CA,  Amar Gamal of NYC, Magdy El-Leisy of Germany, Ava Fleming of AZ, and CA,  Fahtiem of FL., Jamilla Al Wahid of CA., Yousry Sherrif Of Egypt and NYC, Raqia Hassan of Egypt, Mamoud Reda of Egypt.  In 2004, Treza attended the Ahlan Wah Sahlan Dance Festival in Cairo, Egypt, and studied with internationally acclaimed Egyptian dancers and teachers.

Stewart Hoyt
Stewart has loved to dance since he was a kid growing up in Barnet, Vermont. He took his first dance class at Yale in Jazz dance. After college, Stewart studied Jazz dance with Christine Cohen and Afro-Cuban dance with Penelope Newcomb. Then he found the dance love-of-his-life, Middle Eastern dance, taught by Alia Thabit, and has been in her class for 11 years. His life as a dancer has been accelerating ever since. Stewart has taken workshops with world-class Middle Eastern dancers from California to Canada. Stewart has been performing publicly for nine years at recitals, workshops, local fund- raisers and peace gatherings and weddings. He has performed solos at Clinton Community College in Plattsburgh, New York; Danieltown, Jamaica; The Athenian Corner in Lowell, Mass; at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire; and at Fazil’s In New York City.   

Rose Murphy
Rose began her study of Middle Eastern Dance in 2002 with Alia Thabit. She has since expanded her dance training with assorted modern and classical genres. Rose is known for her unconventional interpretation.

Erin Narey
Erin Narey began her dance training over twenty years ago with Miss Helen Deane Bassett at the Salem Ballet Company. She studied classical ballet for fifteen years before earning her BFA in Dance Composition at Emerson College. She studied Modern with Janet Craft of the Ipswich Moving Company, and Jazz with Boston University's Marlena Yannetti. An accomplished performer, Erin has danced ballroom, flamenco, African and hula. She's been a
guest choreographer for various theatre and dance companies and has spent a lifetime incorporating all varieties of world dance into her considerable technique.

Surida (Barbara Whitcomb)
A disciplined performer who mesmerizes audiences with her musicality, warmth, humor, and unique style, Surida embodies a touch of class while being outrageously flirtatious at once. She grew up with a music professor father and pianist mother and has an extensive musical background, playing numerous instruments over the years and performing professionally with Big Band for over 10 years. Barb came to her first dance class in 1997 looking for an outlet for her love of music, dance, and costume design. She has studied primarily with Alia Thabit and has attended numerous classes and workshops with many respected dancers and teachers from around the world.

Alia Thabit (Artistic Director)
Alia Thabit, an Arab-American dancer, teacher, and choreographer, expresses the heart and soul of the music, a thrilling blend of passion and expertise. At sixteen, with no other dance training, Alia was fortunate enough to study with internationally acclaimed Lebanese choreographer, Ibrahim Farrah. Alia has now studied for over thirty years (and currently sponsors seminars) with some of the most respected dancers and teachers in the world, traveling thousands of miles each year. Recent exploits include a 2004 five-week dance-study tour of the Middle East (alone!), and her 2006 Sofa Surfing Tour of Fame (five months on the Left Coast). Exploration and performance of Arabic music and other dance forms, such as Tibetan, Jazz, Haitian, Cuban, and West African, enrich Alia's dance experience. Alia has appeared on television and radio. She teaches and performs widely, with recent engagements in New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and California.
Jeweled Splendor FlynnSpace, Jan 21, 2005
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