Hire a Belly Dancer in VT, NH or anywhere!

Alia is available for Performances, Dance parties,  School Programs, Workshops, Group or Private Classes, and Coaching. See our rates. E-mail  booking@earth-goddess.com  or call Alia at (802) 467 3193.

Available for Festivals, Weddings,  Birthdays,  Celebrations, etc. "Bellygrams" $200 and up.

Family Entertainment. Suitable for all ages.

Alia’s performances feature a wide range of Middle Eastern music & styles. Alia incorporates traditional and contemporary influences, colorful costumes, and dynamic music to present a wide range of Middle Eastern dance styles. Alia’s performances demystify the culture and art of the Middle East, and dazzle audiences of all ages.

Solo, duet, and full-company shows (Jeweled Splendor) are suitable for theaters, schools, festivals, and other such venues, and enchant the entire family. 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Shorter versions (15-30 minutes) are available for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

School Programs:
Options range from lecture-demonstrations through multi-week residencies incorporating Middle Eastern music, dance, and culture. Alia has many years experience as a Head-Start teacher and a Speech-Language Assistant, serving five schools in a K-8 program. Alia has also taught college-level writing for over ten years. $375 per day; $1,500 per week; $2,000 for a two-week residency. Single Lec-Dem: $250. Please see our school program Menu.

Classes, workshops, and coaching:
Alia is available to teach classes and workshops for basic beginner through advanced students. Workshops & classes: $150/hr. Private classes and and  professional coaching available on a wide range of topics. Sessions are tailored specifically for your needs. $50 per hour in St. Johnsbury. Travel additional (you provide space).

Dance parties:
For bridal showers, get-togethers, and celebrations of all sorts. Custom-designed dance parties in your home, with instruction for you and your friends, often combined with a dinner party and performance. $150 and up

Availability & Rates:
Suitable for all audiences; Available all year

Solo performances: $200 and up
Small Group shows: $400 and up
Full Company shows: $1,000 and up

School programs: $375 per day; Lec-Dem: $200

Workshops & classes: $200/hr (deduction for multiple hours).
Dance parties: $200 and up
"Bellygrams" $200 and up
Travel distance is unlimited – mileage, travel expenses, and accommodations additional, as needed

E-mail  booking@earth-goddess.com
Or call Alia at (802) 467-3193